agate // Helps cleanse the aura and protect against negativity. Agates are known for their abilities to provide balance grounding, centring. Find ease by slowing down and connecting with the energies of the earth - slow, steady, grounded. 

amazonite // Known to release blockages, allowing you to put pen to paper, paint on canvas and think outside the box. Allow it to open you up to inspiration and take action with your inspired thoughts.  It connects with the throat chakra to encourage open and uncensored, barrier-free communication. Useful when you seek the truth, or need to speak it, especially when you need to stand up for yourself.  Calms and soothes, promoting peace and serenity.

amethyst // The stone for universal peace, amethyst is said to heighten our intuition and encourage psychic powers. Helps us to change old patterns and avoid distractions with conscious intention setting. Promotes contentment and aids meditation by stilling the mind.

aquamarine // Helps to release emotional blockages from your conscious mind, as well as clear negativity resulting from charged conversations and your own self-talk. May it remind you of the catharsis brought on by allowing yourself to feel hard feelings, to cry, and to cleanse. Encourages graceful acceptance of the truth.  A throat chakra stone that soothes the larynx, throat and vocal cords. A beautiful choice for people with professions requiring clear communication.

bamboo  agate // a stone for courage and confidence as well as stress relief. Encourages creativity, memory and intellect. Bamboo agate also nourishes feelings of harmony, thereby balancing yin and yang.

black onyx // Provides strength and protects us spiritually by protecting against negative energies.  Like all black stones, onyx can help us to feel more grounded and centred, but also open us up to receiving our intuitive guidance. A stone for mental focus, the ability to stay on task and for financial abundance. A beautiful choice for entrepreneurs. Can also be used beside the bed during sleep to protect from nightmares and terrors. 

blue apatite // A stone for inspiration, motivation & creativity, blue apatite helps you to manifest your desires. By encouraging willpower & heathy choices, this beautiful gem can help control emotionally driven eating. Remember, the healthier you feel, the more you can give & achieve. In addition, it helps eliminate confusion & creates clarity in a cluttered mind by helping you discern which of your thoughts are helpful, and which are simply noise. 

blue goldstone // a man-made stone containing quartz sand and tiny flecks of copper to give that signature shimmer and sparkle. It is said to promote courage, confidence and drive. A stone for those with an ambitious heart. Also beneficial to vitality and motivation. 

blue lace agate // a stone of the throat chakra, blue lace agate encourages open communication and truthfulness with others, enhancing your ability to read between the lines. A beautifully calming stone, it can be used to tame hyperactivity in children (and adults!) while assisting nervous ones with communicating their needs. Helpful in calming inflammation within the body.

carnelian // A stone for nurturing creativity and manifesting ideas. Helps us give birth to new projects and facilitates emotional expression through the creative process. Encourages us to know ourselves deeply and on all levels, so we may achieve self-realization. 

citrine // A stone for mental clarity - helps remind us that what we focus on, we manifest. Use this reminder to encourage conscious thought - and then, manifest abundance in all its many forms. A stone for self-confidence and pure joy, citrine helps us move away from depression and self-doubt. Also benefits digestion, allergies and eating disorders. 

clear quartz // Known as the Master Healer for its powerful healing and energy amplifying capabilities.  Much like white light is the presence of all colours - not the absence of it - clear quartz contains all colours as well.  Given that it harmonizes all chakras, it can be a masterful healer for many conditions. Excellent for regulating and unblocking energy, it acts as a deep cleanser for the soul, creating a deeper connection between the mind and the body. A powerful meditative aid. 

dalmatian jasper // for inner peace and deepening meditation. The contrasting tones of light and dark remind us of our own experiences of human dualities - light and dark, yin and yang, feminine and masculine. A beautiful stone for uncovering your own truths, for clarity, and encouraging self-trust. For unconditional self-love, and loyalty to your own desires and needs. Dalmatian jasper also supports physical balance - beautiful for yogis and those participating in martial arts. 

fluorite // a chakra balancer, fluorite can also be used for balancing the mind, body and spirit.  A stone of harmony, divinity and intuition. Can be used in aiding spiritual awakening, enlightenment and communication with both the higher self, and the divine.  A beautiful tool for mental clarity, focus and meditation.

garnet // a stone for safety, security, love and passion. Supports a feeling of groundedness and cleanses negative energies. Encourages vitality - life force energy - as well as personal power and strength. A beautiful choice for manifestation and passionate living. 

green aventurine // a stone of the heart chakra, green aventurine opens the heart to divine love, and allows us to see the world through a balanced lens. Grounds the emotional body to help balances the desires of the heart. For luck, physical health and prosperity!

green fluorite // A stone for the heart chakra, green fluorite assists the healing process that follows a broken heart.  Use the energy from this stone to feel with your heart. Can improve focus and discipline, but is also energizing, making it a great stone for encouraging success with fitness goals. 

howlite // for the patience to see things through, and true awareness that follows objective observation. Encourages emotional expression. Allow it to absorb and uplift your stress, tension and anxiety. A stone for calming, and connection to the divine.

impression jasper // Encourages unity between body, mind and spirit, while fostering creativity. For harmony, peace and clarity of mind. (While the stone is genuine, the colour of this jasper has been enhanced.)

indian agate // Helps to positively promote slow, steady and gentle healing. The peaceful vibrational frequency encourages grounding and stability. This particular type of agate, with its varying colours and bands, helps promote balance across the chakras. 

kiwi jasper // A natural healing stone that helps absorb negative energies. Kiwi jasper (also known as sesame jasper) offers a soothing, positive energy, as well as elevating spiritual and physical vitality.  A stone for balancing and unifying yin and yang. 

labradorite // A stone for perceiving what is real and true,  labradorite also encourages us to release that which no longer serves us. A gem for the third eye chakra, labradorite can offer new perspectives, bring hidden wisdom and insights to the surface while also healing and protecting your aura from less desirable energies. A beautiful compliment to your meditation practice.

larvikite // encourages renewed vitality and youthfulness, while helping to support dreams coming to fruition. Larvikite promotes a strong connection to Mother Earth, reminding us to get grounded in our bodies so that we may expand our minds. Helps to bring emotional balance, especially in those that have been wallowing in the negative. This clearing of stagnant energy makes way for new ideas. 

lepidolite // carries the vibration of lithium, which has long been recognized as an emotional leveller. It acts to stabilize extreme emotional swings, and encourages a state of comforting calm. It allows a clarity of mind to help you see your true path, simultaneously encourages individual success. Lepidolite is a stone of spirituality, benefitting meditation, insight, divine connection & growth. For peace.

moonstone // A dreamy stone that channels the moon and the divine feminine. An ethereal reminder that much like night is followed by day, so too will our darkness be followed by light. Moonstone acts as an emotional leveller during times of heightened emotionality, such as during the menstrual cycle. It also reminds us love without boundary or restraint, for the universe is always here to catch us should we stumble.

morganite // A dreamy stone of divine love, assurance, compassion. Represents and heals the heart chakra. Helps cleanse the body of the weight of old traumas, wounds and the heaviness of stress and anxiety. Can help you to move forward with calm confidence and peace. A beautiful choice for abundant love, and maintaining love as it grows.

moss agate // An incredibly grounding and healing gemstone, moss agate reminds you to be a steward of Mother Earth, and to reconnect with nature to reclaim your balance. Best used in conjunction with herbs and essential oils. A stone of the heart chakra. 

new jade // Serpentine or “new” jade is a calming stone, known for promoting feelings of tranquility and easing feelings of depression. A heart chakra stone, serpentine opens us up to the wisdom needed to follow our hearts. It provides the healing energy to create a protective energetic shield around the body - this is turn creates feelings of freedom and security, allowing us to literally glow with love & happiness. 

peach moonstone // A stone known for its ability to soothe feminine hormones  cycles and emotions, peach moonstone supports the heart chakra while simultaneously stimulating the mind. Can encourage a woman’s feelings of self-worth and confidence. A beautiful choice for surrounding yourself with the calm, gentle feelings of divine love and support. 

picture jasper // like all jaspers, picture jasper encourages grounding and deep connection with mother earth. A nurturing and protecting stone, it brings comfort by decreasing feelings of anxiety, stress and fear. For courage and wisdom.

pink agate // encourages you to be receptive to your inner voice, your intuition. It embodies the energy of the Feminine Christ, promoting compassion, deep wisdom and nurturance. Can help to balance emotions, promoting love, kindness and compassion. Said to strengthen the bond between mother and child.

pink opal // A beautiful and powerful stone of the heart chakra, pink opal works as an emotional healer and balancer. Particularly beneficial for those recovering from a breakup, broken heart, or the loss of a loved one. Holding pink opal while you meditate will encourage peaceful energy within your aura. Also helpful to release stress, anxiety, worry and fear. Encourages calm, emotional centredness and an open heart.

pink zebra jasper // a stone of the heart chakra, pink zebra jasper encourages the gentle feelings of joy and contentment.  In turn, this can promote reduced sensations of anxiety and promote relaxation. Like all jaspers, it carries with it the properties of stability, grounding and strength.

prehnite // A stone of the heart chakra. Enhances psychic energy, facilitating a connection with the divine and higher entities. It helps to detoxify and cleanse energy fields. A stone for transformation, prehnite helps us emotionally to see the positives in transitional times. Beneficial to those in careers that require extreme attention to small details, promoting alertness during mentally taxing times. 

pyrite // a manifestation stone, pyrite is adored for its propensity to attract creativity and inspiration, collaboration, luck, abundance and confidence.  Creating the spark that helps us move through procrastination and hesitancy, pyrite also encourages the bravery to let your light shine. 

rhodonite // a stone of compassion, rhodonite encourages the establishment of healthy boundaries, while simultaneously encouraging the release of limiting beliefs surrounding self-worth and self-love. A stone for deep heart chakra healing and the release of grief. Incredibly beneficial during transitional times or major life change. Use it to encourage self-healing.

rose quartz // Considered the stone of universal love, rose quartz opens the mind and spirit to receive love in all forms, including self-love. It strengthens the bonds of our relationships, including family, friends, romantically and in our community. Rose quartz inspires creativity and encourages peace, warmth and joy. It is a stone that embodies feminine, maternal energy. It channels energy both to and from the heart chakra. By opening the heart to love, deep healing can occur.

sodalite // Promotes a calm, relaxing energy. Can balance runaway emotions, aiding in the release of anger and frustration. Sodalite also offers the properties of wisdom, communication, understanding and truth. Promotes clearer written communication, and psychic abilities. Can soothe emotions caused by the symptoms of PMS

strawberry quartz // A beautiful, feminine stone that carries the combined divine energies of clear quartz and other heart chakra stones. A beautiful gem for amplifying inventions of love, gratitude and a feeling of purpose. Can be used to help you gain insights about yourself, and what you can do to foster self-improvement.

sunstone // A stone of pure joy and cheer, sunstone acts as a protector for sensitive souls.  A beautiful choice to help you clear away stagnant, negative thought patterns, encouraging you to choose brighter thoughts. Choose not to dwell on past choices and mistakes - rather, make peace with them and move into a more joyful state.  Encourages self-worth and confidence.  The colour the sun, it encourages hopefulness.

tiger’s eye // a grounding stone for enhancing personal power and encouraging self-confidence, self-esteem and self-assuredness. Improves clarity and courage, inviting movement and change after periods of inaction or stagnation. Aids in decision making. Can help to alleviate feelings of jealousy or emotional upheaval.

tree agate // softly radiates a sense of strength, groundedness and stability - encouraging your own balance from your roots to the depths of the universe. Great for days when the to-do list is long and focus is essential. Encourages adaptability, offering a gentle reminder to spend time in nature to feel centred once again. Lends physical support during times of detox or cleansing.

watermelon tourmaline // A stone of the heart chakra, it bridges the upper three chakras with the lower three at the epicentre of the body - where heaven meets earth within you at your heart. Also, it helps to bring awareness to your negative thought patterns so you may shift your internal frame of reference. For love, kindness, compassion and tolerance. Physically, watermelon tourmaline can help aid you with eating right, committing to exercise and releasing your hold on negative habits that are no longer serving you or your health. 

white agate // a crown chakra crystal, for help with anxiety and frustration. White agate is said to be beneficial for the processes of balancing and releasing. A stone of purification, for releasing toxins and letting go of trauma. White agate can also help with balancing masculine and feminine energies.

white jade // A form of nephrite jade, white hued jade is known for its calming, peaceful energy. As with most white (crown chakra) stones, it promotes a connection to the divine. A beneficial grounding stone, white jade is also known for its protective properties - with the ability to block distractions, it helps with focused thinking and decision making.